Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Time Has Come for a Major Change

The biopsy results arrived and the tumor tissue is still malignant. My Gastroenterologist, Dr. McDonald, called me this afternoon and said the tumor size was about the same size as it was last year although he was willing to consider that it could be a little bigger. I hear that as no growth which is a bit of a relief considering it's been almost a year. He also informed me that the polyp had no cancer cells in it and that is good news as well.

So, after 10 months of Gerson Therapy, the tumor has not shrunk, my pain has increased and I am no longer able to do enemas. Dr. Cervantes provided me an alternative to enemas, which includes herbs and supplements, yet to accept that alternative would be to modify my current program which is already conservative at best. And that I am unwilling to do. Therefore, the time has come for a major change.

Gerson Therapy is an effective therapy, yet it is clearly no longer an option for me. I never thought I would hear myself say those words. I was convinced I was the guy who was going to heal himself from cancer 100% holistically. And today I am clear I will not be that guy. So, I have chosen to work with the best oncology department that I know of and I have scheduled myself an appointment at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Philadelphia at the Eastern Regional Medical Center. While there I will be evaluated by their practitioners and have an opportunity to see if their facility is right for me.

Before I can go on any further, I must acknowledge that this is a complete 180 degree turn around from the path I have taken thus far. A number of people diagnosed with cancer have contacted me, because of my choice to do Gerson Therapy, with requests for information or a conversation about the path I chose. Should someone call me today and share their diagnosis and ask for my thoughts on Gerson Therapy, I will without hesitation, encourage them to do the Gerson Therapy.

I also feel compelled to share that if I had to go back and do it all again, I would not change a thing. I would do it the exact same way. Having done Gerson Therapy for the last 10-months has detoxified my body and strengthened my immune system in a way that will benefit me greatly in the coming months. Prior to Gerson Therapy, I regularly experienced migraines, serious bouts of heartburn and every winter for the last four years (except this one!) a serious case of dry, cracked and blistered skin on my palms & sides of my fingers. All of those ailments are gone as a result of Gerson Therapy. To me that is proof of how toxic my body was and how detoxified it is now. Had I done any type of oncology treatment on a body already laden with toxicity problems, I'm certain I would have been in many ways, worse off than I already was. After 10-months on Gerson Therapy, I feel as though I have been doing Olympic level training and I am powerfully prepared me for my next step in the healing process.

At the same time, I have spent so much time inside of a conversation for natural cures and feeling right in my doing so, that this is a bit eerie to me right now as I walk into the world of oncology. While doing Gerson Therapy, I have been in a comfortable bubble, safe from the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation. Now I am stepping into that world and I can tell it's going to take some getting used to. Fortunately, the Cancer Treatment Centers of America have a holistic approach to traditional medicine. They have a Naturopathic Department to "decrease the side effects associated with traditional cancer treatments, support whole body wellness, and provide strategies for long-term cancer prevention." In addition to that, 80% of the food in their hospital is certified organic. To me that says a lot about their organization.

Naturally, I am not looking forward to the oncology due to the various and possible side effects, but I am looking forward to ridding my body of cancer and this pain that has become much more than I care to deal with any longer.


  1. Bert,
    It's a hard journey you've been on, AND you've got the courage and humor and creativity to see it through. This may be a big change in your approach, but to me it seems your commitment--to your health, your life, your family--hasn't changed at all.

    (and keep on bloggin'--I think you've got a book in the works here!)

  2. Your an amazing man. Everything you said I agree with. You have what looks like a buitiful family, with lots of support from them and friends as well. You have to do what you think is best for you and them. All the healing your body has done in all areas will be a great asset in the months to come and I think you we pull though outstandingly. You haven't failed at anything. Please do your best to keep us infomed as you continue the rest of your journey. I wish you the best. Fil

  3. I'm sorry you need to change course but am glad that you seem to be at peace with the decision. Good luck!

    - Jennifer LB

  4. I have been following your blog for some time now and have come to know you through it. for what its worth,I am glad you made the decision to change therapy. I am not bent either way towards one or another but its good to know you see clearly and can make the change with good conscience. I also believe you have challenged yourself through this process and have become closer with yourself, family and soroundings. Good luck and will keep plugging for you.

  5. my dear bert...

    not for one single moment has any effort been in vain. we are simply shifting from phase one of your healing journey into phase two.i have known you pre & post gerson, on both ends of the health spectrum. you are now physically ready to take on the final healing stage of your journey, and the stage is set only for success!

    a great leader is an individual who is always able to not only see the whole picture, but what adjustments that need to be made along the journey...the ability to assess, and re-assess continually, without attachment to the method, but maintaining a clear vision of the future you are creating to live into.

    it is my honor to shift gears with you, knowing your body is clean & ready for it. we're in the final stretch. i love you. thank you for our love, friendship, and for being a champion for my greatness, as well.


  6. Bert and Daniela

    I want to thank both you and Daniela for being so open about your situation. We all share in your fears and concerns today just as we did when we first found out the news. I am just now saying my friend has cancer as opposed to calling it stinky butt syndrome or some other wise crack which lets me deny the seriousness of the situation and soothe my own emotionally charged feelings about all of this.

    Bert, you wife has hit the nail right on the head. You changing methods of treatment is not a "waving of the white flag" as a sign of surrender. Rather, I view it as akin to a General recognizing that the war is not going as quickly as we would like so he calls for a surge of troops and alters his strategies to help him minimize collateral damage and still be able to say at the conclusion "Mission Accomplished!"

    I have absolutely no doubt that with the strength of will you have both displayed, Victory will come soon. And once that happens, you will look back with the strength of your convictions and know you did this in a manner that was right for you. And that is all that matters.

    You have done a fabulous job so far. You have endured pains, both emotional and physical, which most of us can not even imagine. And no matter how many times you feel like you've been knocked down, you keep getting back up.

    You will succeed. Of this, I have absolutely no doubt.

  7. Bert,

    To my brother in the deep south. I realize I have not been active on this blog of yours. My emotions run deep for you, my friend, and the time we shared at Gerson is time forever in my cells. These words I have spared upon this space migrate to my heart and as I walk this life as a healthy man I more than often think of you. I want to thank you for your invite back in May of 2007. I thank you and Daniela for putting your faith in me as a simple man who so happens to believe in a greater existence than this humanness we share. In your darkest moments you gave me strength and I thank you for that, too.

    I believe in the Gerson therapy, as you do and I also believe in the intuition that steers you through all this mire. Daniela is a woman I would want on my side any day of the week and the fact that you walk this path with her next to you is a gift that anyone would want to experience at very least for one single moment in this life.

    I too would do it again, Bert, in a heartbeat. Regardless of the therapy you chose, I believe deep into my heart that this life you live is one that will take you into your most elder years.

    All my love to you, Dani, Cal, Beau and Max,


  8. Ever onward, ever upward... continuing your positive approach and expectations. You've come a long way with grace, humor, wisdom and faith, and I know you will continue your healing journey with all these wonderful tools.

    All of us who have been following your journey are rooting for you 24/7, and finding healing and comfort ourselves in your observations, your perspective, your strength. Thank you for sharing your experience with us, and please continue to do so as often as possible.

    You and Daniela may not want to be looked at as role models of love and support, but you are. The very best wishes to both of you as you shift gears.

  9. Bert,
    It seems you have come to a fork in the road and a tough decision that once again you have made gracefully. As for the comfortable bubble that you have been in, I think that much of that has been your strong mindset and your positive attitude. It was awesome to get such good advice from you while you were going through Gerson and I have no doubt that you changed so many lives with your experience and your words of advice. And now that you have decided to take a different path for a bit I know that you will again succeed in making it all look easy.
    The side effects of chemotherapy and radiation that you worry about are indeed real, but they are nothing more than you have already endured, and with the right mindset, which you already have, the time you spend dealing with these will pass too. I know from experience. I understand your apprehension but I also know, as someone who decided long ago to take it as it comes and make the best of it, that you can do this too.
    You and your family are in my thoughts often and I have nothing but the highest level of faith in your healing. I'm sending tons of positive vibes to y'all.
    Take care and thank you for keeping all your cyber-buddies posted on your progress,

  10. I am incredibly proud of you and your Daniela. You show remarkable courage and persistence. Your ability to change course shows a strength of character that not many people have.
    It's an honor to be your mother and to follow you both on your journey.