Saturday, September 20, 2008

My First Chemotherapy Treatment is Complete

I began chemotherapy treatment on Wednesday. Wow. It was one heck of a wake up call. I slept throughout the entire treatment. On the ride home, about halfway home from the hospital, I could barely keep my eyes open so I parked the car on the side of the road and took a nap. Once I arrived home - sometime between 5:30 & 6 PM - I immediately laid down on the couch and slept straight through the night until 11 AM on Thursday.

On Thursday, a friend drove me to and from the clinic. I had no desire to repeat Wednesday's experience. Fortunately, Thursday's treatment didn't me hit very hard. Friday was no big deal. I drove to the clinic, had the 5-FU pump removed, and then drove into town and ran errands. It felt good to feel somewhat normal again.

This afternoon I will receive my Neulasta shot - a rather unpleasant subcutaneous shot that stings while it's being injected. It's purpose is to stimulate white blood cell growth and is known to cause pain in the hips and thighs since the hips and thighs create a significant amount of white blood cells. I'm so looking forward to it!

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  1. Bert,

    I was just remembering how bad the Neulasta shots hurt as we were driving back from the Adirondacks last night... I had this weird painful tic in my bicep where I used to get them, and that's what I ended up thinking about.

    I think in some ways these treatment experiences will be with us forever, don't you?

    Now that you've finally begun this round of chemotherapy, each day you are closer and closer to really being done with treatment.

    I continue to send you and Daniella positive energy.

    Take care.

    Maria Brown