Monday, February 13, 2012


I feel compelled to mention that in my February 12th post my intention in sharing about the cold sensitivity was to give you an insiders view of what Oxoliplatin can be like. I'm happy to put gloves or a hat or wool socks & my winter boots, and the sensations will go away for the most part. I just thought it was a trip to have such weird side-effects and thought you might find them as peculiar as I do. As far a real problems with side-effects go, I met a fella whose entire body trembles from his chemotherapy side-effects. The guy just wants a break. And he doesn't get one. Me? I just have whacky "pins & needles" and a frozen face now and again. My big hurdle was putting on my neck/face warmer so the boy and I could zoom around the ice rink together.

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