Sunday, January 17, 2016

The News I've Been Anicipating

On Wednesday I received the good news I have been anticipating since September. The indeterminable spots the radiologist claimed to have seen on my CT scan on one of my lungs in September were nowhere to be found this time round. So I have put aside any concerns about a recurrence in my lungs [huge sigh of relief] and can say I am officially four years cancer-free. In addition, Dr. Kemeny said I am done with quarterly scans and said she would see me again in six months. I told her I was so happy I could hug her. She looked at her staff and said, "He said he could hug us," then as she walked past me smiling, she rubbed the top of my forearm with her fingers. When it comes to Dr. Kemeny, that was a hug.

Not surprisingly, only five minutes after hearing the good news, my mind started in, wondering what possible risks there are in waiting six months until my next scan. A few minutes later I was laughing at myself. As soon as I get news about the clear scan and the need for fewer scans each year, my mind starts right in at the first opportunity to knock me down. The mind is unbelievable. Or perhaps a better word: predictable.

I'm thrilled right now. In nine months, if I am still cancer-free, I will have reached the five year mark and be considered in remission. My hepatic pump and port can then be removed, although since the hepatic pump can never be reinstalled again, part of me isn't in a hurry to get rid of it. It's an odd catch 22. And I'm not going to give it a lot of thought for now. Right now I'm feeling incredibly grateful to not have a recurrence in my lungs not to mention anywhere else in my body. Wednesday was a good day.