Friday, December 5, 2008

More Than You Know

I just finished my 5th chemotherapy treatment so it's likely I may lay low for a while and wait to write until I am feeling better. Due to that strong possibility, I wanted to address the difference it makes for me when you leave your wonderful acknowledgments. A couple recently posted have really made my day.

So, I thought it important to share with you that your acknowledgment of what I am up to and how I have gone about it are part of what has me take on my diagnosis the way I have. Your kind and thoughtful words inspire me to stay strong and maintain a perspective that serves me best. Your honesty and generosity helps keep me focused on the ability each one of has to choose an empowering context to live our lives moment by moment - no matter what the situation. I think that's one beautiful thing about being human.

So thank you for "putting yourself out there" and posting your comments. It's likely you provide me more than you know.


  1. Gonna break out that ol' stereo mic and go out into this here new town of mine, and tape me some bad-boy Scott H. Biram on a Sunday night, in honor of you layin' low for a bit. It's been too long.....

    yer pal,

  2. Bert,

    I hope you are feeling okay.

    I just posted a quote from you to a fellow breast cancer survivor on how you define a survivor - she struggles with that label for herself. I think she struggles with survivor guilt, but I agree with her that I would not want to be defined as a survivor if it meant that anyone sees the people who die from cancer are somehow less than me. I do not think of the people who die that way; I think of them the way that you described them. I see us all as survivors, for however long we are able to embrace life. I am sure your words will help my friend, and you worded it far better than I ever could. Thank you for that.

    I continue to hold you and your family in my thoughts.

    Maria Brown

  3. You and Daniela are the most courageous people I know. Thank you for being in my life and sticking it out no matter what.

    I love you dearly,