Thursday, April 16, 2009

No PET Scan Reults Yet...

It's now 7 PM and I have not recived my PET scan results.

This morning I met with my doctor (Dr. Sciortino) and he told me the CT scan revealed no new embolisms. That is good news. He will keep me on the anti-coagulants for 6 months as long as I have no more problems between now and then.

The PET scans were not available by my appointment time, so Dr. Sciortino told me he would call once he received them. The Radiology Department said the results may not be available for as long as 48-hours after the scan was done. Since the scan was done on Wednesday, it is likely I will receive the results on Friday. Sciortino is relatively new to Guthrie and I have a feeling he just didn't know it could take so long to receive PET scan results.

Fortunately, my trip to Guthrie this morning was not a total loss, since Dr. Sciortino needed to do a physical examination and review my blood work anyway. Also, he told me it is highly likely there has been no recurrence. However, I will be listening keenly for the phone on Friday.

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  1. Try to keep breathing while you wait... I hate waiting for test results, so I know how easy it is to forget to breathe while you are listening for the phone.

    I look forward to hearing that the scans are clean.