Sunday, February 7, 2010

Temporary Unavailable

If by chance your attempt to access this blog was denied in the recent past, I had temporarily made it unavailable to the public so any potential employers would not be dissuaded by my recent medical history. However, only days after making the blog "invite only," a woman whose husband was recently diagnosed with liver cancer contacted me via my sister, so she could read the blog and perhaps even speak to me about my experience and determine the best treatment for her husband.

I see this as no coincidence and after some thought I have decided that to share my experience in detail with those directly or indirectly experiencing cancer far outweighs the cost of a few potential employers who decide not to hire me because of it?

Sorry for any confusion. It took me a few days to represence myself to the commitment that we're all in this together. Not just with our health, but with all we are and all we do.

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  1. Missed you there,'s your new music coming along?

    Snow in every 50 states today!

    Love, give 'em all a hug,