Friday, November 19, 2010

In the Clear

I'm happy to post that the withdrawals were over by Saturday. Now I know if a doctor treats me with narcotics in the future, I will need to plan for a few additional days of recovery to manage the withdrawals. Bummer, but it's good to know what the necessary preparation will be.


  1. Bert-You live an exciting Life! Sorry to see the back issues---no mention of rehabilitation, will you go back to david mccune? I tell my patients once a bad back, always a bad back. Good luck with it.
    Hope everything else is great. Have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Feel free to stop in anytime if in Auburn (197 State Street)

  2. Jim, I was prepared to go to physical therapy but my surgeon believes it will not be necessary. Yes, I definitely live an exciting life! Happy Thanksgiving to you as well. I will certainly have to stop by and say hello.