Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Great Life Cook Book

I want to share with you The Great Life Cook Book, hands down the best macrobiotic cookbook I have ever laid eyes upon.

In an earlier time in my life, I used at least five different macrobiotic cookbooks and did my best to maintain a macrobiotic diet. In these cookbooks I found recipes I enjoyed, but the design of these cookbooks were basic black & white text, with an occasional hand drawn image. Keep in mind, I was completely grateful for these cookbooks because they were quite informative. Plus, they were given to me by my aunt who was passionate about the incredible health benefits and she taught me weekly (every Tuesday afternoon) all about the essentials of macrobiotic cooking.

Unlike the The Great Life Cook Book, when I excitedly shared my five...black & white...macrobiotic cookbooks...with friends who knew little or nothing of macrobiotics, they flipped through the pages pretty quickly, then handed them back to me and said, "interesting," with a look that said anything but that. It was as if I shared beautiful music with a friend by handing them a textbook about it. It didn't penetrate. And that was how I looked at those five books when I first saw them. But again, I had my aunt lit up and inspired about them, which lit me up and had me dig deep into them for the treasures they held. Plus, I knew the cookbooks were put together by authors and cooks who were highly committed to macrobiotics, and that made a difference for me.

However, with The Great Life Cook Book, you immediately find yourself flipping through a lovely, visual invitation to discover macrobiotics or expand what you already know about it. There are pictures on every page, so you know what the meal will look like, and Hey! I need pictures. When I'm looking for a good recipe, I'm not studying. I'm discovering. I want to be inspired to cook something delicious. And that's what you get with The Great Life Cook Book. It's filled with beautiful images of mouthwatering meals, plus it's designed seasonally so you can use recipes that are made up if the current season's harvest. Click this link to go directly to the The Great Life Cook Book website.

Disclaimer: Lewis & Priscilla are my friends, but I do not receive a free macrobiotic toaster with every cookbook sold!!

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