Wednesday, February 10, 2021

All Seems To Be Well

On Friday, just 48-hrs after I admitted myself into the Emergency Department of the hospital, I was discharged with no need surgery. The obstruction was cleared in the time I was in the hospital. The physical recovery has been consistent and happening steadily. The greatest difficulty has been the emotional recovery. It really set me back, being in the hospital and preparing myself for the possibility of emergency surgery. On Friday evening, a friend in my pod came over to see how I was doing. It was when she walked in the door that all the emotion came pouring in -all the memories of past surgeries and what was required of me to get through it. Wow! It was a lot. I feel like I am just now finding my way out of the emotional weight of it all.

What really turned me around was the recording of Episode 30 of my podcast. I spoke with an incredible and inspiring kindred-spirit and survivor of Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. The time we spent together unfolding all she has been through was the elixir I was seeking. I feel like I'm just about back on my feet. 

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