Friday, September 12, 2008

My Chemotherapy Tretament Has Been Scheduled

My chemotherapy treatment has been determined and is scheduled to begin on Wednesday September 17, 2008. Dr. A asked when I wanted to start chemo. I told him never. He smiled and I said, "How about as soon as possible. The sooner I start, the sooner it's over. Not to mention I want to be certain the cancer is gone for good."

The regimen will consist of twelve treatments administered every two weeks for a total of 6-months. 6-months is not what I was hoping for, but it's what the doctor recommends so that's the plan. The treatment is a 3-day process consisting of a 2-hour infusion for day one and a 2-hour infusion on day two. At the end of each day's treatment, I will be sent home with a pump directly connected to my port infusing 5-FU. On the third day I will go in to have the port removed and I will be done for another 11 days. On the fourth day, I will receive an at home subcutaneous shot called Neulasta to stimulate the production of blood cells lost as a result of the chemotherapy.

The treatment will be a slightly different cocktail than the last two because the previous cocktail caused neuropathy in my hands and forearms - the sensation can be permanent and we want to avoid that as a potential outcome. Instead I should expect some nausea and serious lethargy. When it comes to the side effects, I continue to remind myself that as a result of following Gerson Therapy with chemotherapy & radiation, there is no trace of cancer in my body or the tissue that was surgically removed. And that kind of result - at least in the experience of my surgeon and oncologist - is unheard of. That combined with the beautiful faces of my wife and children is likely all the encouragement I will need.


  1. I love this in the header of your blog: "I had cancer. Cancer never had me." AWESOME.

  2. Bert,

    The sooner the better is true. Don't forget to make them give you hydration; it will help with the nausea.

    I'm rootin' for ya!

    Maria Brown

  3. Every time I come here, I am inspired by you and your writing.
    Thank you for being you.


  4. Bert,

    Fantastic that you are doing so well! I don't envy your chemo for the next few months, but I certainly do envy your remission.

    You continue to inspire us cancer survivors and everyone else too. Keep spreading the word about SURVIVING CANCER.


  5. Bert,

    I hope your treatment went well today...

    Thinking about you.


  6. your entire blog tonight. Sabrina pointed me in this direction. Loved it!

    You need to write a book when it is all over. We need to go out in Ithaca and you can have your carrot juice and I'll have my beer. We need to hike in some of God's beautiful country up there and find quiet time to give thanks for your healing.

    Please realize that this journey has healed you in many ways my friend, and out of this trial you are more complete.

    In many ways I envy you!

    Dr A