Sunday, September 28, 2008

Benefit Concert for Bert Scholl & Family

Benefit Concert for Bert Scholl & Family

When: Friday, October 10th 8 PM
Where: Castaway's in Ithaca (near Boatyard Grill)
Why: Help the Scholl family through the last leg of 6 month chemotherapy regimen
Cost: $20 suggested donation for adults. Minors are welcome if accompanied by a parent - 12 & under free.

Musical Lineup
8 PM John Reilly band
9 PM Kevin Kinsella & Hank Roberts
10 PM Sim Redmond Band

For a poster for this event, click HERE


  1. I've talk to a couple people here at work that have heard of those bands and I hear nothing but great things. Sounds like its going to be a great night. I'm going to take my wife to dinner at the Boatyard before for some steak that I also hear is very good. Do you think you will be able to attend the concert. I know you had posted about steering clear of people that might possible be ill?? I hope to see you and the family there, but understand if your not. Will they be selling "your" CD there as well??
    Take Care Fil

  2. reply to Fil:

    I have every intention of being at the benefit and for staying as long as I have the energy - I hope for the whole thing. And I will be wearing a paper mask to stave off any germs, etc. So, in case you don't recognize me, I'll be the guy with the blue paper surgical mask on!!!

    And the CD will definitely be for sale at the benefit as well.

    Looking forward to seeing you.

  3. Bert,

    I'm sorry we won't be able to attend your benefit. We will still be in Maine on the 10th. But I hope a lot of people attend and that you all have a great time!

    I continue to hold you and Daniella and the boys in my thoughts.

    Maria Brown

    PS - I LOVE the trick with the glove - you gotta find your way though this, and laughter really helps. Stay silly!