Thursday, October 2, 2008


For those of you wondering how I spend my time receiving chemotherapy infusions, I believe the picture to the left may provide you with some insight. It's easy to have fun while receiving treatment. I'm either asleep from the pre-meds or joking with the staff and my good friend Jerry.

Currently, my side effects are hiccups and heartburn - a nice combo. I finally requested a script for hiccups this afternoon because following these last two treatments I've had the hiccups on and off for two days straight immediately following the first infusion this and the last time - two weeks ago. The meds seem to be helping although I must confess I really didn't want to take pharmaceuticals for hiccups. But my throat was really starting to hurt and they even kept me up at night.

I am thrilled the Major League Baseball playoffs are happening while I am finding my way through this chemotherapy. I do not enjoy spending my days laying down not feeling well. So, if I am going to have to do that, it might as well be during the playoffs. A lot of fun and hopefully a whole lot of inspiration through the passion only playoffs can provide. Gotta love it. And one more thing...Go Red Sox!!!


  1. Dude, you dont need medicine to get rid of hiccups. Just drink some water.

    Some people think that pills are the answer to everything, but they are not.

    IF water doesn't work for you, take a look at the Oakland Raiders record. That will most definitely scare the hiccups away!

  2. wow, i think you've got the photo for your next album cover!