Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Ramble-n-Roll Revue: A Concert Benefit for John Reilly

It has been confirmed. My friend, John Reilly has Stage IV Pancreatic Cancer. It's breaking my heart as well as the hearts of many others. John is so much to so many people, I don't even know how to write about it. So, instead, I want you know about a benefit for him happening for him.

Sunday May 17th
75 Pulaski St Auburn, NY
12 noon to 8 pm
minimum donation: $10.00

Performers will be Bert Scholl & Kevin Kinsella, The Villagers, Sons of the Bunkhouse, Hoopes Park Pond Explosion, Deauville Ramble Society, Teenager, Infra Red Radiation Orchestra, Bob Piorun, The Disclaimers and the All Star Tribute to John Reilly.

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  1. Bert,

    I'm sorry about your friend. Your Mon mentioned him a couple of weeks ago at church. It's great that you are feeling well enough to help him the same way people were able to help you when you needed it.

    I am so tired of hearing about new cases of cancer striking people that I know or people that the people I know know. You know?

    My Mom is also looking at a possible cancer diagnosis, but it will be months before we know for certain. IF she has it, and I'm trying to believe that it's a big if, it is very early stage. Her lesion is only 1.8 cm, and they only found it because she went in to the hospital for completely unrelated belly pain, which has since been diagnosed and resolved. But, because she is a poor candidate for surgery due to other health problems, they can only diagnose her if the lesion grows or changes over time. We are hoping it's just a benign growth that has always been there but never been noticed.

    At first, this news frightened me, and then it infuriated me, and now I don't know what to feel. At least my Mom is in her late 70s, and not younger like you or me. But still, I am so tired of cancer.

    I hope John's fundraiser goes well. And I hope that you are feeling better, too.