Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Pulmonary Consult

I had a consult today with my new Pulmonologist, Dr. Norville. Daniela chose to go with me to see Dr. Norville, as she did for my last appointment with Dr. Sciorotino. It definitely makes a positive difference to have her with me - a second mind to process the information.

Dr. Norville said my tests were not indicative of someone with lung problems. However, after review of my Echo Cardiogram in March, she said my heart does seem to expand more slowly than it contracts, which could be from a of thickening of the heart wall, as a result of stress created by the Pulmonary Embolis. She compared it to a body builders inability to do ballet, because a large amount of muscle limit can body movement. The same goes for my heart - possible limited movement from its size. Having a heart that is all buff, apparently would not make me all cool and tough - at best (or more like at worst) it would make me short of breath and fatigued all the time.

So, Dr. Norville ordered a series of tests: an Echo Stress Test (July 8th) to get a closer look at how my heart operates under stress; a Thyroid Function test to determine if my thyroid is the cause for the shortness of breath and fatigue; and a test for Mononucleosis and for Lime Disease, which could also explain the fatigue (Thyroid, Mon & Lime are all done with blood test). Mono or Lime Disease wouldn't explain the shortness of breath, but it could be reason for the fatigue. That being said, there is a possibility I currently have more than one illness. My fatigue and shortness of breath is constant, but the other day when I slowly walked up a hill, my chest began to hurt, I experienced a headache in the back of my head and I got a dizzy. Good times! So, we'll see. There could be more going on then I realize

As you can imagine, this is driving me nutz. I really hope this is something that can be treated and healed so I get back to a normal life. I can't imagine living the rest of my life fatigued and short of breath all day long. Or to experience chest pain and headaches whenever I operate at a normal pace. Or to get tired because I "played cars" for twenty minutes on the floor with my son, which is something I will happily do, but it sure is a bit odd to have rest after rolling Matchbox cars around on the carpet. [I'm actually laughing right now because it just seems so insane.] And should that be the case, to be alive and cancer-free with such a beautiful family is a life I am absolutely thrilled to be living.

As far as cancer-free goes, I have a PET Scan scheduled for July 15th. A recurrence of cancer might explain how I feel, but not let's not drive off of that bridge unless we get to it. I don't think it's a recurrence. Justa gut feeling. Should my scan be negative, I will celebrate my one-year anniversary of being cancer-free. If you just imagined confetti, party hats and those silly noise makers that unroll when you blow through them, we are on the same page. That will be pretty damn awesome.

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  1. Cancer treatment causes its own problems, and I hope that yours are resolved soon. I trust your gut that this is not a recurrence, so I hope your doctors can figure it out soon.