Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A Company With a Great Commitment

While I was doing chemotherapy, Comfort Care Foods (out of Burlington, Kentucky) offered to send me a number of their products to taste test. After I read about their commitment to manufacturing healthy, delicious food for people on chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatments, I decided to take them up in their offer.

I received 2 large jars of soup, 2 loaves of bread and a variety of cookies. I didn't immediately eat the food because I wanted to test it a few days following my next chemotherapy treatment, in order to see if their products actually tasted good when my taste buds were at their worst. I went in for chemotherapy and shortly after my treatment began, I was listening to a fellow patient (and his wife) tell me about how he wasn't eating anything because he had no appetite and nothing tasted good while on radiation treatment. He had lost a lot of weight as a result. I immediately offered him the box of food I had at home and promised to bring it in the next day. The soups had tons of healthy ingredients, including whey protein which I believe to be a very important supplement for people undergoing treatment and struggling to maintain their weight.

I immediately informed the folks at Comfort Care about what I had I had done, and hoped they would understand, and offered to test their food if they were willing to send me another box of samples. They completely understood and were more than happy to send me another box.

The soup is just oustanding. Generally, I use the word pungent to describe smell, but it can be used to describe flavor and in this case, the flavor was quite pungent which is a really good thing. Chemotherapy & radiation seriously dull the taste buds and to eat something that can stimulate my taste buds when it seems nothing else can even come close, is indeed a very good thing.

The Whole Wheat Bread was delicious. The only down side was the use of High-Fructose Corn Syrup in the recipe, which I believe to be taxing on the liver and therefore I would prefer to avoid it, considering my treatments were taxing enough on my liver. However, it was so delicious...I ate it anyway!

The cookies were super sweet. Had I had these cookies around when I was undergoing radiation treatment, I would have been in heaven. Why? Because they were so highly sweetened, the flavor would have definitely broken through my nearly "inoperable" taste buds.

I would have been even happier if their products were organic. Currently they do not have an organic line, but I was happy to eat conventional food considering what a struggle it was at times to keep up my appetite.

So, I give Comfort Care Foods a huge thumbs up!

1) for their commitment to creating delicious foods for those who are receiving chemotherapy and/or radiation, and

2) for succeeding in that commitment and making some deliciously good food. I wish Comfort Care Foods good luck and a successful future.

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