Friday, September 16, 2011

Surgery is Scheduled

On Thursday September 22nd I will be at Guthrie for pre-surgery admission and to meet with my surgeon about the process and recovery. His office will also do the leg ultrasound that same day.

My surgery is scheduled first thing in the morning on Tuesday September 27th at Robert Packer Hospital (a part of the Guthrie Clinic in Sayre, PA). My doc will remove the mass and make the final determination if it is cancer or not (he doesn't question whether it is, but it must be proven before the diagnosis is certain). He doesn't want to biopsy it first because he has a concern about if it were missed and what would be a positive test, mistakenly came up negative. He also added that on the "very unlikely chance" that it is not cancerous, he recommends removal anyway.

The doc anticipates me being in the hospital for up to a week, followed by a four to six week at-home recovery. I've always had a lot of laughs with the staff at Robert Packer Hospital (I've had a few stays there) and I'm looking forward to a few more...laughs, that is!

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