Thursday, September 29, 2011

Biopsy Results "As Expected"

I received a call from my surgeon's office and they said the biopsy results were "as expected." The mass is malignant and in lay people's terms, is Colon Cancer, which means it is metastasis, which I believe is better than a diagnosis of liver cancer. And regardless, there's nothing really better, one verses the other.

All data is being faxed to Sloan Kettering today. I will receive a call back from Sloan Kettering when they are ready to schedule an appointment.

The reason I'm getting a third opinion is because I want doctors who are among the best in the world in their fields, to give me their surgical and post-surgery treatment (i.e., chemotherapy) recommendations. I've received some conflicting post-treatment chemotherapy recommendations, which I'm not going to elaborate on right now, and having a third opinion may provide me more clarity. Or less. But that's the rub when it comes to multiple opinions. The choice is ultimately up to the patient; they can engage in the decision making or they can be apathetic and simply do what's recommended, as some patients are, due the overwhelming nature of such a diagnosis.

So, that's the scoop. And I have a picture of the liver biopsy (which I took with my phone) if you want to check it out ; )

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