Monday, October 24, 2011

Surgery Five Days Away

I just read my last entry/update and noticed I did not provide the specifics as I promised...

Well, I'm going to get that...later. What I will say now is that surgery is still scheduled for Friday October 28th, time to be determined. In the mean time, I have been doing a lot of different types of energy work with a variety of practitioners. I am in an extraordinary space as a result.

Just like the first time I was diagnosed, I am clear this recent diagnosis is a gift as much as the last one was. In case you're unclear what I mean, I'm clear that all in life is the gift, not just what I like. And all the joy, pain, fear, sadness, happiness, etc., are all part of the package. I believe we are provided every experience we have as an opportunity to live life with love & gratitude, and sometimes it just seems like that 's not even an option. It's mind blowing managing circumstances such as this and yet actually easier (at least currently) than dealing with my wife leaving me. It's easier to have a positive attitude about the cancer diagnosis because it does no good to argue with cancer. It doesn't listen. You can't change it's mind, so you accept it - at least I do.

I was speaking with my friend, Christina, while I was at Sloan Kettering last time and she articulated it quite well. These experiences I am having, i.e., cancer diagnosis, don't keep me from living the life I've been given. They are part of the life I've been given, the experience I have been provided. Part my journey, not a delay or distraction from it.

And at the moment, I am still resisting the thought of surgery and chemotherapy.  Not like I won't do it, I'm just noticing my thought process and the resistance that's present. And I'm also quite anxious, which I notice most when I find myself being annoyed & judgmental about whatever I'm dealing with. I've noticed a lot lately the circumstance I'm annoyed with is often not why I am actually annoyed. But sometimes I'd rather be annoyed with something surface than actually deal with my sadness and frustration with how my life has gone in the last year. There are aspects of "the gift" for which I am currently not experiencing gratitude, to say the least. And yet, I am grateful for my life. Funny thing how that all seems to show up all at once...

Like the fella in this photo. Just because he has snakes squirming through his skull doesn't mean doesn't mean he's not grateful for his life.......

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