Friday, October 7, 2011

3rd Opinion at Sloan Kettering Monday October 10th

On Monday October 10th, I have an appointment at Sloan Kettering with a liver surgeon. I will receive his recommended treatment for conventional oncology as well as his recommendation about a clinical trial called Hepatic Arterial Infusion, where chemotherapy is injected directly into the hepatic artery and thus directly into the liver. This would be in lieu of surgery. What immediately comes to mind is that I will only participate in a clinical trial if it's in the final stages and very safe. And I am going there to listen and ask questions. I will make a decision after all my questions have been answered.

The odd thing about Sloan Kettering is that they scheduled my appointment with an oncologist on November 2nd because the demand for oncology appointments are far greater than the request for surgical appointments. I don't know if I want to wait until November 2nd to speak with an oncologist. And we'll see, based on how Monday's appointment goes.

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