Wednesday, December 14, 2011

First Systemic Chemotherapy Treatment

Today was my first Folfox chemotherapy treatment at Cayuga Medical Center. I feel a bit "off" but certainly not sick. It feels more like a light hangover. The staff at CMC went above and beyond what I expected and made the time there a real joy, not to mention the generosity they provided by tolerating my twisted sense of humor!

As we left and were walking outside, the cold air hit my hands and felt like freezing cold water dripping onto my skin. And this evening when I took a sip of room temperature water, it felt like ice water running down my throat. These are both examples of the treatment side-effects, to be anticipated for the next 7-months. In the mean time, I have an electric pump, attached to my hip, slowly pumping chemo into my veins. It will be removed on Friday afternoon. I'm uncertain what the side-effects will be like by then. I suppose I'll drive off that bridge when I get to it.


  1. All I know about this us that you are a strong fighter and you have a hell of lot of friends and family on your "TEAM" fighting with you and cheering for you!

    I'm looking forward to your next concert!

  2. I hope many people hire you as a life coach, so you can use your prodigious talents and be totally distracted from your "offness."