Thursday, January 5, 2012


This morning a friend & I went to Manhattan for my second Liver Pump chemotherapy treatment. An hour after I had my blood drawn, I met with my doctor, Dr. Kemeny, and she informed me that certain liver enzyme numbers were too high and I would not receive a treatment today. Instead I will receive another systemic chemotherapy treatment on Wednesday January 11th. She then suggested that we schedule my blood work two days in advance in Ithaca, so I don't have to drive four hours to find out it isn't necessary. I agreed that it was a good idea....................................

This is a significant change, because upon our first visit, November 30, 2011, she was insistent that my blood work be done in-person, in the clinic, by the MSK staff. Today she changed her mind and I am relieved. For me, it was a lot of time, energy & money devoted to a trip that provided very little. Although, if nothing else, it provided Dr. Kemeny what she needed to approve my blood work to be done in Ithaca to keep this from happening again and I am grateful for that.

The most disappointing part is that I had to cancel my January 13th performance. If I'm receiving chemotherapy from January 11th-13th, there is no way I can do a gig on the 13th. The nausea & toxic feeling on the third day of treatment, as well as the day that follows (Friday & Saturday), are just brutal. Performing is out. Once my liver pump treatment has been completed and I am back on schedule, I will book another gig (hopefully for February).


  1. Steps forward and steps backward. I admire you for the positives that you can see in your situation. As for the 13th, wasn't working for my calendar hopefully the rescheduled date does. :). Bert, you are a beautiful person. I wish you continued strength in the coming weeks! (BIG HUG)

  2. That sucks! We were looking forward to seeing you at Jack's. Nice disappointed meme! - Bizz