Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Surgical Procedure Simple & Complete

This mornings procedure was relatively simple and successful. Dr. Cagir was able to make the repairs without having to open my abdominal cavity. The likelihood of having to do so was low, but it was a possibility. As I woke up, I placed my hands on my abdomen and joyfully smiled as I felt no new incision.

In addition to correcting the stoma, Dr. Cagir also placed some cadaver tissue on the herniated area of my abdomen. I have DEAD PEOPLE inside me. AAAAAHHHHHHHHH! I know I'll be waking up to thoughts of this now and again.

It's a relief to have my large intestine as well as the hernia corrected. It had gotten progressively worse over the years. I really look forward to a far more comfortable future.


  1. Bert - glad to hear it went so well, and that you are feeling better.

    A friend of mine from high school has just gone through a one-week nightmare in which they went from thinking her husband was having a heart attack to diagnosing him with stage 4 small-cell lung cancer and giving him 6-12 months to live.

    It is witnessing cancer nightmares like theirs that make me so thankful that stories like yours and mine also exist. Your positive attitude and commitment to healthy living remind me that while there is tragedy with cancer, there is also hope.

    1. Thank you for that Maria. It still shocks me to hear such diagnoses. I hope you are well.