Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Out-Patient Procedure Time

On Wednesday January 2nd, I will have the stoma correction surgery I mentioned on November 24th. If things go as planned, it will be an outpatient procedure and I'll be released by mid to late afternoon. And my doc did tell me it could possibly be one to two overnights in the hospital, but that's all to be determined.

I feel more anxious than I normally do. I've had major surgery three times and enough minor procedures that I've lost track of how many I've had. In the past, the surgeries and procedures, were uncharted waters and since they were my chosen method of treatment, I embraced them and took them on with some curios excitement. Not like I liked it, or even wanted any thing to do with it, but I actually used to find myself a bit captivated by the experience. Kind of like watching a house fire. It's not something you want to have happen, but if it's happening in front of you, and you have no experience with such things, it can be a bit captivating.

I believe that's how I've approached my surgeries and surgical procedures in the past. But I've been through it enough that I no longer care to discover the unknown aspects. There's no longer any excitement. I signed up for this procedure because it's a quality of life issue. I just been down this road enough times. So, I do look forward to my quality of life improving. And to being home again. There's a couple hugs I'm already looking forward to.

Now I'm off to take my night-before-surgery-shower with the stinky pre-surgery anti-bacterial soap. Then back to the couch. I doubt I'll get much sleep.


  1. Thinking of you today, Bert, and hoping your procedure went well. I recently had a small, same-day, rectal surgery for quality of life reasons - cleaning up scar tissue from chemo and a fissure caused by the chemo that had been causing bleeding and irritation and anxiety on a daily basis for the last 2 years. One of my sisters actually asked me if I was addicted to surgery... because that's the kind of experience you can't get enough of... I don't think that people who have not been through multiple surgeries really understand what they are like. And I certainly don't think they understand that it becomes a question of purpose and perspective - why am I doing it? To save my life, or to make my life better? And how bad can it be compared to a bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction?

    Anyway, I have been recovering nicely from my procedure, and I hope that your recovery goes smoothly as well.

    Happy New Year.