Friday, March 13, 2009

12 of 12

In just a little while, I will have the chemo pump removed from my port. I thought I would be pretty moved once the treatment was complete. The reality is that I am not. I am indeed experiencing some relief knowing that this is the last of 12 chemotherapy treatments. Hell, I'm in heaven right now! However, it seems what will truly move me will be when my upcoming PET & CT scans are negative for cancer.

My PET & CT scans are currently scheduled for April 1st. However, I did some research and found that chemotherapy treatment for colo-rectal cancer causes inflammation of the large intestine and the inflammation can cause the scans to show a false positive for cancer. So, I intend to speak with my new chemo doctor and request the scans be scheduled one month from today. Assuming my I am currently negative for cancer, a scare like that would be more than I can to deal with right now.

On a good note, I found out yesterday that my cancer "markers" are at zero. It's my understanding that a healthy person can have cancer markers anywhere from zero to five and have no worries about cancer growing out of control in their bodies. My cancer markers have been under five since the day I was diagnosed. Some people with cancer just don't have markers in their blood and for whatever reason, I am one of those people. However, the fact that they're at zero at the moment - even lower than they were just months ago - is certainly a good sign.

Last but certainly not least, Daniela and I just celebrated our six-year wedding anniversary yesterday, so it's kind of sweet to have the scheduled chemo wrap up today. A couple celebrations happening at once.


  1. Happy Anniversary to you both... Boy how time flies! Congratulations on completion of your treatments. That is awesome! It's all down hill from here... Great Flippin' job!
    Are you tired from staying up until 1:22 AM watching 6 overtimes? I know I had trouble going to sleep after the best game I've ever seen! Go 'Cuse.
    Love and Positivity,

  2. Happy last Chemo day to you Bert! Happy anniversary to you & your lovely bride as well, 6 years is something to be proud of. Congratulations to the both of you & here is to MANY more happy & HEALTHY anniversaries to come!!

    Love ya

  3. Hey Bert! Congrats on completing treatment! And also on your 6th anniversary with Daniella. The end of chemo is pretty anti-climactic, especially because the testing, the waiting, the doctor's appointments don't actually stop.

    But I am sure your scans will be clean, and then you can start to just focus on detoxing and feeling better.

    I've never had markers in my blood work, either.

    It's going to be a warm weekend, so I hope you can get out and enjoy the weather. Me, I'll be in Vegas, Baby!

  4. I definitely had trouble going to sleep following the SIXTH OVERTIME!!! As soon as the Orange went into overtime on Friday, I thought, "Guys, don't do this again." But not for them - for me! I didn't have it in me to go thru another game like that so soon!!!

    Look out Louisville!!!!!