Thursday, March 26, 2009

Back to the Hospital

I was very disappointed when I received my CT scan results this afternoon. I have a Pulmonary Embolism. Yeah. A blood clot in my right lung. Not the answer I was hoping for. Once I arrived at the hospital here in Sayre and they actually examined me (after watching me stroll onto the 5th floor), my doctors told me I could have been treated and sent home, yet they admitted me. Seems they already had the ball rolling so they kept me here. I can't say I'm not relieved to be on a heart monitor right now. I feel very safe, considering how shook up I was when I received the phone call this afternoon.

Blood thinners were administered, my heart is being monitored and I will receive tests tomorrow to determine the source. And hopefully it's not additional blood clots.

Port-a-Caths are often the cause of blood clots and with that in mind, I intend to have my Port-o-Cath removed before I am discharged tomorrow. It's possible the clot was not caused by the port and considering they are known causes, I see no reason for the unnecessary risk. I want it out.

The long term plan is to have me on blood thinners for quite a while. Oh, good times! In the mean time, I've got cable and I'm watching Duke vs. Villa Nova. March Madness is so much fun. Go Syracuse!!!


  1. Bertie,

    I'm thinking about you tonight, all cramped up in that hospital bed watching b-ball. I am praying for your return to complete health, not a second too soon! I love you!!! Get better and get home. This world is waiting for you...


  2. Hey Bert - As a pulmonary embolism survivor (and cancer survivor) let me just say this is good news compared to what you might have heard. They can take care of this easily and blood thinners are no problem. So, enjoy your weekend! Enjoy the games.
    Wendy in Minnesota
    Syracuse Grad '64, Go Orange!!!!!

  3. Bert,
    Only a road bump. This could have been a BIG problem had it gone undetected... as I'm sure you well know. I'm SO glad they found it. This is the next card you've been presented to play, and I know you'll play it well. Go Orange indeed!
    Love & Positivity,