Friday, March 27, 2009

Off to Play

Thank you for your comments, emails and even Facebook posts. It means a lot to me.

My doctor asked me to stay for a second night because he wants to see the embolism decrease in size before he discharges me. So, Daniela and Beau came to visit today. He told her he wanted to play on Papa's bed (which he did here last night). So, I changed out of my silly hospital pajamas, put on my blue jeans, shirt & sneakers and we were off to play in the hospital with Beau. The doctor told me that increased circulation with walking would help the embolism dissolve. We had a great time. Beau LOVES the elevators, as well as laying on my bed under the sheets and declaring he's sleeping. He's the best.

I also stopped into the Hematology Department to say "Hi" to the satff. I was admitted through their department on Friday, so I thought I'd pay them a visit and let the staff know I am doing well. It was during my discussion with some of the staff that I was informed of how common Pulmonary Embolisms (PE) are with chemotherapy patients. Apparently chemotherapy can cause PEs because the chemo irritates the lining of the veins and arteries to the point that they actually shed and thus create clots, not to mention all the other drugs I have been on and off of since treatment began - they all effect the blood. I was a bit relieved after hearing this because I thought the PE was a new problem independent of the cancer. And I guess it could be. But it's a relief to know it may simply be one of chemo's more dangerous side-effects and not a new life-long problem.

Daniela also did some research and found that one of the side-effects of PEs is anxiety. No WONDER I felt the way I did in the past week or so. I couldn't figure out what was going on because it was so out of the norm for me to feel so anxious. Now I know.

Hopefully the lounge will be empty so I can watch some Syracuse Basketball on a decent size TV.

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  1. Bert, I knew that the chemo made my veins almost unusable in terms of IVs and blood draws this past year, but I did not know it could cause blood clots. It makes sense, especially with all the chemotherapy you went through over the past year. I hope that it is just a side effect of the chemo, but I'm glad you are getting the port out, in case it's from that. I couldn't wait to get mine out after I got the all clear from my oncologist. I found it so irritating under my skin.

    Anyway, we have been rooting for you since your Mom posted on Facebook last night that you had a PE. I'm glad that you were so proactive about getting diagnosed. Your self-advocacy has once again saved your life!