Monday, July 27, 2009

Good News

The Physicians Assistant I saw diagnosed me with a hematoma. In other words, a little blood has seeped out of the artery's catheterization site and is irritating the muscle - muscles prefer blood in them, not on them. Sitting and laying down causes the blood to disperse and continue to irritate the muscle, so the treatment is hot compresses and walking.


  1. wow, one thing after another! Am hoping this will all get cleared up and you can be on your merry way! To whatever that is, huh?
    It can all be so exhausting. Thank God your heart is ok!

  2. Bert,

    I have had hematomas before, and they can be VERY painful, even in OTHER areas of the body. I had one in the crook of my elbow once from an incompetent phlebotomist. I had one in my abdomen when I had a dermofibroma removed one summer. The abdominal one made it painful to pretty much do anything for about 3 days... but you are on the right track with ibuprofen and heat. The heat will help the blood be reabsorbed into the surrounding tissue, and the ibuprofen will help it be thinner and easier to reabsorb.

    I hope it feels better soon!