Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Healthy Heart

Well, the Cardiac Catheterization revealed a healthy heart [sigh of relief].

So, that means the extreme fatigue and shortness of breath is not a heart problem. I'm thrilled there is nothing wrong with my heart. That is great news. And part of me was hoping my Cardiologist would have found something immediately fixable, so I could be back to normal.

As you can imagine, I feel a bit stumped as far as what is causing these symptoms. Just last Saturday, I barely got off of the couch because I was absolutely exhausted and couldn't catch my breath and all I was doing was sitting. It's definitely strange and quite disheartening.

It seems as though I am slowly getting worse. Fortunately, I have an appointment with my Pulmonologist on Thursday and it is a benefit for my doctor to know my heart is functioning well because now she can run additional tests that wouldn't be run on someone with a bad heart.

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