Monday, July 6, 2009


On Saturday, after I drove to a friends house, I got out of my car and walked...maybe 30 ft...and I was seriously short of breath. Serious like when the embolis was still pretty good size. I was tired for hours after that. I almost went to the ER. I was equally tired on Sunday.

And so, by this morning, when I woke up and I was still trying to catch my breath, I called my Pulmonologist. After some conversation, she scheduled at CT Scan for me for today. Thank heavens my new insurance company actually covers my local hospital. Traveling to Sayre, PA can get a bit tiresome.

After my scan was complete (the 2nd one that is, since they claimed the first was too fuzzy to read) the techs sent me home - code for: "It ain't an embolism." It's good news of course, but a part of me was actually frustrated. No, I don't want an embolism - that's insane. I just want a diagnosis.

I thought I was geting better by now and I thought this blog would wrapping up! I did not think I would be back to daily entries about how things are not what I had hoped...?????

Well, my Echo Stress Test is on Wednesday. If that doesn't reveal the problem, then I will be the recipient of an attempted doctor-induced asthma attack. And if THAT doesn't reveal anything, I will be scheduled for a Cardio-Pulmonary Stress Test. In the mean time, we're going to go pop in a DVD, watch a movie...and wait.


  1. Bert,

    I'm so sorry things aren't getting better, and I hope they can figure these symptoms out soon and fix whatever it is that's wrong.

    I should say that I posted a similar blog myself last year - this may be very typical, thinking you will be moving on but finding out that things are taking much longer than you thought.

    After all your body has been through with treatment - the surgeries, the radiation, the chemo - it is upsetting but not surprising that you are having trouble moving on to the recovery phase. I know it is hard to be patient; maybe on the days that you don't have it in you, you can borrow patience from those of us around you.

    I got a fortune cookie during treatment that read: have faith in the trust of the collective. To me, this meant that I could borrow the faith of my friends and family when my own faith in this process was running thin.

    I believe that you will eventually start feeling better; just hang in there!

  2. Bert, How did the tests go? I don't know if your insurance will allow it, but if you can't find any answers locally, you might try going to a regional center like the Mayo Clinic or the Cleveland Clinic. It is important that you get the best diagnostics possible, so that you can get these symptoms addressed and start feeling better...

    Thinking about you and Daniella.