Friday, September 18, 2009


I am writing this blog entry because I feel Daniela's entry about Insight Coaching does not do it or her any justice. Insight Coaching was not just a good idea Daniela had. Insight Coaching was born of Daniela's commitment to making sure my treatment was the best it could be at all times. We both continually experienced breakdowns in communication with nearly every doctor we dealt with. Had we simply accepted their answers and recommendations without truly understanding them, my cancer treatment would not have been as aggressive as it evidently needed to be. I don't only blame the doctors, but the the system and the facilities as well.

That being said, as time went on, Daniela soon found herself having conversations with people in need of clarity regarding the medical decisions they were making. After many, many months of these conversations, Daniela saw the difference these conversations made for those who called on her, not to mention the difference it made for Daniela. What became apparent for her was that most people already know what they want, but not all have a person in their life with whom they can call upon to help illuminate their path through all of the emotional ups and downs that occur in our most stressful times - the times during which we have the most difficulty seeing, yet have the greatest need to be able to see.

Daniela's decision to become a Life Coach is much more than a business decision. It's the next step in the natural progression of who she is and I am excited for her and those who have the privilege of working with her.

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