Sunday, September 6, 2009

And We Wait

It's now been over two weeks since my Cardio-Pulmonary Stress Test and I still have not heard from my doctor. This is something I am definitely unfamiliar with.


  1. Bert - I have checked every single day since before the test. Glad to finally hear from you, and sorry about your wait. You definitely exhibit great patience and strength of character.

    You are in my thoughts, even though we have never met. I am not a person who looks at a dozens of websites of people and their trials, but something about you has caught my attention and earned my respect. I think I found you from Leroy Siever's website.

    At any rate - hold on, hold on. And enjoy your beautiful family and each precious day. I will be checking in every morning...

    Wendy in Minnesota

  2. That is so frustrating... hang in there, and we will all hope that no news is good news.

  3. Waiting is such a pain! Am praying your patience holds up!

  4. Yo man. Call your doc already. :)
    - Jennifer