Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Feels Like Chemo

Throughout the day I experienced a strange but familiar feeling - the toxic sensation of chemo running through my veins. Also, as I went about my day, my mind didn't seem as sharp as it normally does - or at least as sharp as it has been of late (my mind is still not 100% as a result of my 12 post-surgery chemo treatments). In the early afternoon, I was at a traffic light and when it turned green, I took a left hand turn only to realize my right blinker was blinking (fortunately I was in the "left only" lane).

Side note: I never make these kinds of driving errors.

As I completed my turn, I thought it a bit odd and went about my day.

I couldn't quite put a finger on it and it wasn't until this evening that I put it all together and realized it must be some chemo working its way out of my system. That's a good thing but it is definitely creepy. Chemotherapy is a very unpleasant experience and not something I was to experience again. And if it went in, I suppose it will find its way out again.

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  1. "Better out than in" sounds appropriate in this case. I am glad to read that you are continuing to do so well since your treatments.