Thursday, November 3, 2011

Waiting it Out

It seems that each day here in the hospital has provided me a different hurdle. Once the epidural was removed and I was put on oral pain medication, I went in for a pump test which included liver scan to make sure the pump was working and that all blood vessels led into the liver and only the liver. Well, during the scan it was found I had a rogue blood vessel which ran from my liver to my stomach. If left in tact, the chemotherapy pumped into my liver, would find its way into my stomach and that would not be good.

So on Wednesday evening, I had a catheter injected into my groin artery [good times!] and the doctor found his way to the said blood vessel and blocked it. As a result, I can now undergo the liver pump chemo which is what I came here for. The procedure has a 70% chance success rate, and without a successful procedure, liver pump chemotherapy would not be n option. So, his success was great news.

This morning, my surgeon, Dr. Di'Angelica and his crew took a look at me and decided to keep me a little longer. After my large intestine finally got moving on the Tuesday after surgery, it got sluggish again, due to the no food & drink order for Tuesday after midnight in preparation for Wednesday's procedure. So, I've taken two walks and a variety of things to get the ole bowel moving.

I do look forward to getting out of here, and at the same time, I'm very happy to be under the hospital's care until "things are back in order." So, I'm waiting in out.

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  1. I think I speak for many when I say that I want you to stay there as long as they want to keep you! I feel very comforted knowing you're at Sloan. xoxo