Monday, February 27, 2012

Psyched for Chemo!!!

My liver enzyme counts, specifically Alkaline Phosphotase, have returned to normal levels so I will be receiving liver pump chemotherapy this Wednesday. When my doctor's nurse called me and gave me the good news, I yelled into the phone probably louder than she would have liked. And in the next moment I was teary eyed with joy & relief for the opportunity to receive another direct infusion. It's a strange world when a fella's teary-eyed and cheering because he gets to do chemo!

And in all seriousness, this is why I went with Dr.'s Di'Angelica & Kemeny, because they provide the opportunity to use the Hepatic Arterial Infusion pump which significantly reduces the possibility of a recurrence in the coming five years. I would like it if the time frame for no recurrence was a bit longer than five years, however five years is the window in which doctors work in oncology. Won't it be a wonderful time when 20 years is the reference point or perhaps in this lifetime. And right now this is what we have and it's only getting better.

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