Thursday, March 1, 2012

Pump Chemo Complete

 Today's blood work revealed the same results as Monday's - Alkaline Phosphotase was low enough for me to do liver pump chemo. The only difference is that Dr. Kemeny reduced the dose. On November 30th I received 208 mg of Floxuridine. Today I received 52 mg of Floxuridine. The hope is that my liver will respond better to the lower dose and allow for more pump chemo treatments.

The only disappointment is the steroid Decadron (aka Dexamethazone) is included in the cocktail. I have had Decadron in the pump for the last month and I definitely feel it. I always feel a little edgy, I notice myself feeling less patient, and there's a numbness I feel around my teeth. I 'm really hoping that when the pump is refilled in two weeks, that Dr. Kemeny doesn't recommend more Decadron. I'm really over not feeling myself. And I'll do whatever there is to do that will allow for more liver pump infusions.

And yet there is another bonus to the pump chemo which is that I get to wait two more weeks until my next systemic chemo treatment which is a total of three weeks since my last treatment. It's nice to have a little break.

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  1. Thinking of you. Remembering when I brought baby Leah over to chill on the couch and watch baseball. Soon enough, I'll be able to do the same with Colin. Love you, Bert and Beau!