Friday, March 28, 2008

In the Midst of the Inquiry

In order to move forward, I have scheduled an appointment for March 31st with Dr. Burt Cagir - a Colo-rectal doctor at Guthrie Hospital in Sayre, PA. This is the surgeon I saw immediately following my diagnosis last year. I have seen three surgeons in the last year and if I have my choice, Burt Cagir will perform my surgery.

And by the way, No, my doctor rating is not based solely on how painlessly they do a digital exam. Although it was tempting considering that I only received one digital exam that didn't feel like the doctor got a running start in order to perform it!!!

Following my appointment with Dr. Cagir, I will meet with a local oncologist. Unfortunately, there are no in-network oncologists in the Ithaca area. The closest in-network oncologist is in Cortland, NY at the Cortland Regional Medical Center. This rather small hospital is about a half-an-hour away from our home. I was happy to discover that they do IMRT (Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy) at the Cortland hospital. That's definitely a plus.

Once I have met with the surgeon and oncologist, I will make my decision about where my chemotherapy and radiation treatment will occur. In the mean time, I am deep in the midst of the inquiry.


  1. I thought that you were going to fly to Philly for the elixir because of their preciseness. What caused you to change your mind?

  2. reply to pamela:
    I haven't changed my mind about flying to Philly for treatment because I have yet to make a decision.

  3. Sorry, I guess I read it too quickly. love you

  4. It sounds like you've found THE best place for treatment. And it's so good that you are thinking through your options with such care. We are praying for you and hoping that you make the choice that is best for both your healing and for your family. Think strong, think positive! You will be well.