Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Part I Left Out

So, as you likely were able to decipher when you read my February 27th entry, I conveniently left out a mailing address for anyone who might like to support us. Yes, it was intentional. My stomach went into knots just talking about it. I already asked people for support. Any more seemed a bit presumptuous.

However, people continue to contribute to us - many requesting our address. So...if you would like to support us in even the smallest of ways, a mailing address will be permanently posted on the top right corner of the blog. Hmm. Maybe I'll post a whole slew of entries in the next few days so this entry can be quickly buried in the blog and far away from my sight!

All jokes aside, thank you.


  1. Don't be a pain in the ass (no pun intended) - some of us feel the only way to help is to send you a little something! Don't worry we'll all be ready for payback when you're up and at-'em!

  2. reply to rick e.:

    THANKS. You got a deal.