Sunday, March 23, 2008

This sure ain't Sloan Kettering!!!

Upon arrival at the Philadelphia Airport, we were greeted by Emart, one of the drivers for the Eastern Regional Medical Center who carried all of our luggage and loaded us into a very nice white stretch limousine. Apparently, with no other clients to pick up, there was no reason to drive the shuttle bus. I can't say I was disappointed.

As we concluded our introductions, Emart found out this was our first visit to their hospital and began to tell us all about his experience with them. He told us he loves working for this organization. He said he looks forward to going to work because of the staff's commitment to providing extraordinary service. He also said he considered my particular doctor to be one of the doctors he refers to as "one of the angels in the hospital."

As we rolled onto the highway, he asked if there was anywhere we wanted to go before we went to the hotel. We decided it would be best to get some food for the day. We asked where we could pick up some prepared organic meals and he brought us to the hospital's organic cafeteria. When we arrived, the cafeteria had little to offer because they were between meals, so Emart drove us to Whole Foods which was way out of the way. The two of us chatted with Beau napping while Daniela went in for the food. Once we had what we needed, Daniela gave him some flowers for his two school age daughters and he safely delivered us to the hotel. When we go to the hospital tomorrow, we will be taken in on the hospital shuttle which runs every hour or so from the hotel.
We felt so welcomed by Emart. And after he shared his experience of the hospital and its doctors, I am actually looking forward to meeting with these folks tomorrow. And just to clarify, after all the different doctors I've met with, it can get kind of old, especially as they spend most of their time trying to convince me to quit Gerson Therapy. It's amazing the difference a smiling face, a few kind words and a little generosity can make. This sure as all hell ain't Sloan Kettering!!!


  1. There are people who feel real positive about the treatment they received at Sloan Kettering too. It made a big difference to me that I felt confident in my choices, and that's the bottom line.
    My friend who went with CCTA is very very happy and enthusiatic with every aspect of the treatments she received, as I am with my Sloan Kettering decision.

  2. Perhaps the dr at SK had a bad day, however it was unnecessary to treat R&D with disrespect.
    I'm glad that the writer was well treated. It's an old and well respected hospital. My sister-in-law died there.