Saturday, May 17, 2008

Coming Back to My Normal Self

I am very happy to let you know the radiation burn around my anus is about 95% healed or at least not "raw" anymore. And the radiation burns on my thighs and around my genitals are about 50% healed. It is absolutely wonderful to be on the mend after all the pain I have experienced.

The radiation equipment was up and running on Friday, so Monday will be my last treatment. As much as I wanted to just get it over with, I noticed on Friday morning when I woke up, I was hoping the equipment would be down so I could have another day off. And of course now that I only have one treatment remaining, I am glad I went on Friday so I can simply be done with it.

I am also no longer having the massively uncomfortable gas and diarrhea that I was blessed with last week. To tell you truth, I feel like I am finally coming back to my normal self. Okay, well there is an odd bunch of small red bumps that have shown up on the inside of my right thigh next to the radiation burn, but I called the Radiation Oncologist on-call this afternoon and he assured me it was just another skin reaction to the treatment. And I will be certain to have the Nurse Practitioner take a look at it when I am there on Monday because if I hadn't had radiation burn there, I wouldn't know WHAT was going on!!!

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  1. Bert,

    Isn't it great, these glimpses of our normal selves? I am glad you are feeling better. Just think, radiation will be over soon, and your skin can heal all the way.

    Good luck with your last treatment on Monday!

    Maria Brown