Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Today the radiation equipment was down, so my last radiation treatment has been postponed until Friday and that's assuming the equipment is repaired by tomorrow. I had to go to the hospital for a chemotherapy appointment so I stopped into the radiation/oncology department and spoke with one of the techs. She said "Robert, I'm sure you're happy that you're getting a break." Before I could even respond, my friend Jerry who gave me a ride today, looked at her and said, "Actually, he just wants to be done." Jerry is absolutely, 100% correct. Breaks? No. I just want to be finished. And one day is not exactly an eternity. Before I know it, I will be done.

I also met with Dr. Allerton - my chemotherapy doctor. He shot me with a squirt gun as he passed me in the hallway, then caught a few nurses from behind. Dr.Allerton is a lot of fun now that I'm getting to know him. I love the staff in the chemotherapy department. They are very playful and quick to put a smile on our faces. My chemotherapy will start up again next week. It's a different treatment than the last - more of a cocktail. I'll give you the specifics about that tomorrow.

I'm too tired today. Everything must have caught up with me today. Last night I slept from 2 am until 11 am this morning. I got back from the hospital around 4-ish - I think - and then slept until 8 pm. I sure hope I fall asleep at a decent hour tonight. I'll let ya know.


  1. Bert,

    I'm glad your radiation is almost over... and I'm sorry you were forced to take a "break" so close to the end.

    But it will be over soon, and your skin can start to heal.

    Good luck with the next chemotherapy regimen. I hope you get plenty of sleep tonight.

    Maria Brown

  2. Are you asleep yet?

  3. When I was going through treatment I had real sleep deviations from the "norm" too. But, heck Bert, this whole thing ain't the "norm". So, my advice to you is: if you bolt awake at 3am and can't sleep, don't fight it. Just go somewhere and read for an hour or whatever. And then, if you fall asleep at 5 and don't wake up till 10, whats the big deal? (unless you have to go to an appt. or somewhere).