Thursday, May 22, 2008

Some Recent Changes

Well, Wednesday's chemotherapy treatment went well. Honestly, I slept through most of it. The pre-meds Dr. Allerton provides his Folfox patients (Folfox is the name of the chemo cocktail I received), includes a medication with a side effect that can make the recipient quite sleepy. And that was fine with me. Dr. Allerton and his staff told me to steer clear of anything cold, i.e., cold drinks or puttimg my hand under cold water from the tap or even touching anything cold from the refrigerator, because it's very common for someone who is receiving Folfox to be painfully sensitive to cold and even just cool temperatures.

Dr. Allerton made the change in my chemotherapy when he reviewed the ultrasound notes and saw that it revealed the cancer had made its way into one of my lymph nodes. He increased my treatment intensity to reduce the chances of recurrence. And because my treatment was changed to Folfox, my sugery date has been changed to July 16th. I am very happy to know that the cancerous tissue will soon be removed from my body. I have been in pain long enough. I am ready for some pain relief once the surgery pain passes.


  1. Hi Bert,

    I was very happy to see D and your beautiful little boy today! He sure is a charmer.:)

    I hope he can come by and play with some kids his age, and eventually come experience some Montessori magic!

    Glad you are in good spirts. Our thoughts and prayers are with you!

    The Padulas :)

  2. I am so grateful you write this blog.
    Sending you loving thoughts, as always.

  3. What does this crap taste like?

    I met a guy yesterday that has esophageal cancer. He is supposed to get it scoped every three months to make sure it is in check. he has not gone in over a year because he did not have insurance. Instead, he has been drinking Aloe Vera juice and praying alot.

    It may sound unpatriotic to speak like this on this hallowed holiday weekend, but what the hell is wrong with our country? We should all have access to healthcare when we need it.

    We are lining the pockets of Haliburton while Joe Sixpack goes without. I better stop before I get audited.

    God Bless you are yours!