Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What's Next

I am finally off of antibiotics!!!! Man - these things were making me miserable. I was down right depressed this afternoon and not even for a good reason. Hell, I should be the happiest person in the world right now. And Daniela reminded me that being on two quite powerful antibiotics will do that to you. She's right.

So what's next is supposedly another series of radiation treatments [I wonder if my surgeon is a sadist...just kidding] and definitely another series of chemotherapy treatments. There has yet to be a specific decision as to which type of chemo I will receive. I imagine that will happen on September 3rd at my next day of appointments.

Sure I'm cancer-free right now (and I plan to keep it that way) but I'm not quite certain when the oncological staff consider me cancer-free. And to tell you the truth I see it this way. I currently do not have cancer in my body. Once I have completed the upcoming radiation and chemotherapy treatments and the only appointments that remain are my monthly blood tests and...I dunno...quarterly CT/PET scans, THEN I will truly consider myself cancer-free.

That may seem a bit odd. Maybe it's just my way of keeping my shoulder to the wheel for these upcoming chemotherapy and radiation treatments - ya know? I can't imagine they will be any more pleasant than they have been in the past. And I doubt they'll be so fun that I'll be inviting people over for chemo. Not to mention I'd probably need a license for that. Can you hear the medical board? I'm sorry sir, you want to do what? Wow. That would be a bit odd. But don't worry - I wont put you on the spot.

So as they say: It ain't over until the fat lady sings or should I say until the fat man sings [that would be Jerry Garcia, of course]. Granted he ain't doing much singing lately, but once it's all said and done and I'm financially back on my feet, I will throw one hell of a cancer-free party and there will be plenty of songs by Jerry Garcia playing over the PA - in between the sets of live music, of course.

Oh and one more thing. My CD is supposed to be here any day! I'll definitely let you know.


  1. YAY! CD any day!

    ....and all the rest!

    Kevin and Char

  2. The Dead and Floyd. Seemed to be the two most played at your house that I remember. I still to this day consider Pink Floyd my favorite band ever. It will be great to sit back slam down a carrot juice with you and listen to either one. Make sure to let us know how to get our hands on one of those CDs! Lookin foward to Daniela's post. Take care Fil

  3. I've been riveted to the convention speeches all week; makes me think of you, Bert! What an inspiration and "good fight".