Saturday, November 8, 2008

A Choice Well Made

Good news from Dr. Vakios in the radiation department. He said there are no studies or statistics to refer to when it comes to a case such as mine, i.e., no present sign of cancer following chemo, radiation and surgery. So, he does not recommend treating with radiation at this time unless, as he put it, "I have deep, deep gut feeling that radiation is the right thing to do at this time."

Well there are always dangers when radiation is administered. And at this point, my gut feeling says go forward with the chemotherapy unless something changes. I have three more tests (one every three months) within the next nine months to scan for the presence of cancer and at the moment, I do not feel a need to go forward with radiation. So, I will stick with Dr. Vakios' recommendation. Should there be a sign of potential reoccurring cancer, then the possibility of radiotherapy will be revisited.

At the moment, I feel quite toxic from Wednesday through Friday's chemotherapy treatment. So, I am staying active, doing things around the house that are safe and will not put anyone in danger, since I am currently a bit "spacey" due to the chemo's impact on my brain - "chemo brain" as it's called.

I also want to add that I really enjoyed my meeting with Dr. Vakios. My experience of him was of a straight shooter - the kind of doctor you want to work with when your intention is to stay alive. My gratitude is extended to Guthrie/Robert Packer Hospital for a choice well made.

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  1. Bert - sounds like it was a great meeting - I agree that there is no reason to incur the risks of additional radiation if the specialist does not think it will get you anything, especially since the cancer is gone. Chemo should take care of any lingering cells anywhere else, and you can always get radiation again later if you need it, which you should NOT, since this cancer is not coming back. Right? Right!

    Take care,

    Maria Brown