Saturday, November 15, 2008

Hopefully I'll Fall Back Asleep Soon

I still seem to be experiencing morphine DTs around the hours of 10 & 11 PM. However, it is significantly less than the previous experiences. What really throws me is not being able to sleep at night. I fell asleep around 10 PM this evening then woke up at 2:30 AM. It's 6:23 AM right now. Hopefully I'll fall back asleep soon. And hopefully this isn't a result of chemo and therefor to be expected from now until April - that would be a bit much!


  1. Whenever I am having a HARD time getting to sleep, I practice my golf game. After a few practice strokes I experience this release of pressure and a sense of contentment comes over me. I then have no time settling down.

    Jim S.

  2. Bert,

    I used to have chemo-related insomnia the first 3 nights following infusion. I would wake up at about 2:30 or 3:00 and be wide awake until 7 am. I found that it was best to just get out of bed, put on an old movie or read a book, and wait for sleep to come back.

    I hope your insomnia and the withdrawal pass soon.

    Take care,

    Maria Brows

  3. Hope your symptoms subside soon.

    In terms of your neulasta shot and the hip pain that you blogged about before, have you talked with the doctor about using Aleve and Claritin to mitigate these symptoms? Not sure if it will help in your situation.