Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Pain & Discomfort

At about 4am I woke up with my muscles feeling that way that I imagine only a physical addiction can create. It's the strangest feeling. It's as if the muscles ache as they struggle to move and I say that because movement relieves the ache. But the relief is only temporary because the minute I stop moving, the discomfort returns. And to wake up to it as I did this morning is quite a shock because I instantly started moving as soon as I woke in order to create some kind of relief. Fortunately, for some odd reason, I experienced some relief after about twenty minutes of discomfort and that relief is still relatively present.

And at the moment, I feel alright. Not great. But alright. We'll see how the day goes. Only one to three more days of this and I should be on the other side of it. At least that's what Daniela read on-line about quitting morphine "cold turkey."

Speaking of which, I suppose if I'm going to quit this stuff "cold turkey," I am going to suffer. But the way I see it, I don't want to drag this out. If I'm going to do something, I want to get it done so let's get on with it. So, if to end this addiction abruptly, I must experience a little pain and discomfort, so be it. Let's just get it over with.


  1. Bert,
    Wow, I'm definitely pulling for you. Hang in there and let time do its thing... As more time passes, you get closer to your goal.
    BTW, what in the world is that picture on today's post? (Oh I think I get it... a turkey :-)

  2. reply to anna:

    it's not just a turkey. it's a cold turkey.

  3. COLD Turkey, Of course!
    I love it.
    Anna's right and I think we're ALL pulling for you. You have our prayers and love.

  4. Be care with cold turkey. That can cause food borne illnesses. In fact, I recommend a good smoked ham for your holiday meal. Can't undercook a properly smoke ham!