Sunday, January 18, 2009

Candidate for Inspiration

In addition to the regular side-effects I experience from chemo, this latest round has made me very sleepy. I slept throughout the day yesterday. Then at around 11 pm I went to bed only to lay there wide awake for about an hour. So, I went back downstairs and watched a couple movies until 5 am at which point I finally fell asleep.

Fortunately, I am well rested for the NFL Conference Championships which are on today. These should be some exciting games. And as I've said before, watching a great game inspires me. And I still consider myself a candidate for inspiration. Now if I could just get this lousy chemo-induced taste out of my mouth!!!

1 comment:

  1. Yup... The games stunk, and it's official... I hate the Steelers more than the Yankees (At least until Baseball season starts). Go Cardinals!
    Hey Bert,
    Try Glycerin swabs. I think they come in flavors like lemon, and may at least temporarily get that taste out of your mouth. Have you tried chewing on aluminum foil? You really need to chew it on a filling if possible for the best effect. That would get your mind off the chemo taste (But I don't really recommend trying it!)
    You're Closer all the while!
    Love & Positivity