Monday, January 5, 2009

Emotionally Up & Down

I feel SO insecure right now. All day. About everything. I know it's the chemo effecting my emotional balance, but I go in and out of remembering that this is not me and it's just the chemo effecting my brain at another level. I find myself bummed out and sad, wandering around the internet hoping to find something interesting (and staying away from the television - the master of depression), only to realize this is temporary and I'll be back on top of my game in a matter of hours or days.

To tell you the truth, what I find most difficult about it is that it keeps happening - every other week following treatment - over and over and over. You know how it goes: I update you letting you know that I am emotionally down and then a week later I am telling you how inspired I am. Heck, you could use my blog entries as a sort of calendar. If I'm emotionally miserable, you know it's the first or third week of the month. If I'm inspired and telling you how I'm going to change the world, you know it must be the second or fourth week!!!

It cracks me up and always brings me around once I'm laughing about it. And right now it's pretty funny.

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