Saturday, January 3, 2009

Tuesday's Anomaly

On Tuesday December 30th - day two of my 7th chemotherapy treatment - I surprisingly, felt well. I got inspired and at 10 PM, I was at Castaway's - the club in Ithaca that generously hosted our October benefit - for Reggae Tuesday. Reggae Tuesday is a weekly event in which all are welcome to join the house band on stage and participate in an impromptu performance of the song(s) of their choice.

I had been an occasional participant at Reggae Tuesday for a number of years - singing harmonies with my friends who write reggae tunes or occasionally performing one of my own which they masterfully play reggae style. But as you can imagine, stage performance hasn't exactly been on my mind for the last year and a half.

Well, Tuesday December 30th was an anomaly in my chemo-filled world and I can say I had an absolutely amazing night. I was up on stage in a way that I have never been before. I didn't nail every harmony nor did I expect to, but I did some lyrical improvisation like I've never done before. Most importantly, I returned to the stage with two of my dearest friends - Rob & Kevin - which meant more to me than I can put into words. However, I can say with certainty, I felt like the life I had before cancer was returning to me.

I have no plans to get back on stage before my chemo treatments are over. I'm not saying it won't happen, because I never imagined I would have it in me to begin with. I simply consider it a gift that I accept with no expectation attached. Right now I will simply keep my shoulder to the wheel as I tolerate these bi-weekly infusions. They certainly don't get any easier. And as soon as I receive some photos of the evening, I'll definitely post them!


  1. Thats Awesome!! I hope as the weeks go on we read more and more post like this. Happy New Year!

  2. tape??? Me and our pal Nels were in Asheville NC that night and the next, rollin' tape for our favorite band.......wooooohooooo!

    Happy New Year,

  3. When at all physically possible, no matter your mindset, you must do this more often. If you have to, drag yourself out to do so. Music is in your blood and you need this release. It is all a part of holistic healing and it will do you mind, body and spirit a world of good to do so!!
    Larry V.

  4. reply to anonymous/capnhook:

    no, the performance wasn't taped. and i'm grateful. like i said, we only hit about 50% that night due to the fact that we hadn't sung together in at least 2 years!