Sunday, February 1, 2009

Less Than Pleasant

This Folfiri (chemo) is odd stuff. This time around, I'm not experiencing a whole lot of physical discomfort nor the feeling of being poisoned. Instead I am feeling depressed. Actually, I should state that differently - feelings of depression are present, and I am clear I am not depressed, but simply under the influence of this less than pleasant drug. I'm doing my best to stand back and observe them objectively - essentially thanking my feelings for sharing and choosing an alternative. It's definitely taking some focus to stay on top of it.

I do have some physical discomfort - in my sinuses. They seem to be dry, which is expected, and as a result they ache. I am going to use the humidifier today and see what kind of results I can get. Right now it feels like I got hit on the nose with a baseball.

Oh well. The Super Bowl is on this evening and I 'm definitely looking forward to it.

1 comment:

  1. Bert,

    I hope you are feeling better today. You are almost there!